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UVB-76: The Buzzer

November 4, 2015   /   byRichard  / Categories :  Uncategorized

uvb-76Perhaps the most mysterious short wave radio station is UVB-76, AKA The Buzzer. Transmitted from Russia on a frequency of 4625Khz, it sends a repeating buzzing tone (hence the name) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Very occasionally, listeners have heard voices or other noises, but most of the time it is the same repeating tone: Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz.

Given that the signal is transmitted from a military base north of Moscow, most people think it is a spy station. Others speculate that it is a geophysical experiment, based on a paper published in a Russian science journal about monitoring the atmosphere from a Russian GeoPhysical laboratory. I suspect that the truth is probably much more mundane: the best way to keep a frequency clear is to make lots of noise on it. I suspect that the Russian military wants to keep this frequency for themselves as a last-ditch backup for communications after a serious conflict, so they transmit an annoying noise to keep others from using it. Then, when World War III starts, the buzzer will shut down, and the frequency will be used by the military for long-distance communications.

Whatever the purpose of UVB-76, it’s a strong signal. Experts speculate that the transmitter is outputting at least 10Kw of power, so the signal can be picked up over a range of thousands of miles. It is easily picked up on the Twente WebSDR site, which is located in theDutch town of Twente, over 2000 kilometers away. I have not managed to pick it up at my base in the USA, though, so the Russians will need to make other plans if they invade.

Listen Recorded (11/4/2015 from WebSDR.org)

Listen Live (WebSDR): Go here, enter 4625 in the frequency box.


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